RT.ing - Ingenieurbüro Rouslan Timofeev

As an experienced designer of scientific instruments, I develop customized equipment and solutions for the analytical sciences, in particular for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications.

Since 1997 I have gained a deep knowledge in developing instrumentation such as:
  • analytical and preparative pumps
  • spectral photometers
  • LED-based photometers
  • diode-array spectrometers
  • column thermostats
I offer your company, on a confidential basis:
  • further development of your existing instruments to the state of the art
  • development of completely new instruments based on your ideas
RT.ing - Ingenieurbüro Rouslan Timofeev
You will benefit from my services, matched together optimally:
  • Optical design

    - ray-tracing analysis, optimization, tolerancing
  • Mechanical design

    - complete 3-D models and parts drawings, including housings
  • Electronic design

    - low-noise analog circuits, up to 24-bit digital-analog conversion, microcontroller-based digital electronics, motor driver electronics
  • Software and Firmware,

    including modern graphical user interfaces (GUIs), based on touchscreens
I will help you to produce prototypes and sample batches with help from reliable partner companies for CNC-machining, sheet processing, as well as partners in the optical and electronic industries.

Ingenieurbüro R. Timofeev

Raum 3.2.37
David-Gilly-Str. 1
14469 Potsdam

Tel: +49 (0)331 27362262

Email: post@rt-ing.de

USt.ID: DE190873713

Ingenieurbüro R. Timofeev    Ingenieurbüro R. Timofeev

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Ingenieurbüro R. Timofeev Ingenieurbüro R. Timofeev Ingenieurbüro R. Timofeev